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Postby gripsmoke » Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:49 pm

Some of you might be rusty on the rules, so here they are.

* Get roms here: The admin name is mpc4admin. If you don't know the pw ask me or mike.
*You must say ML before games. Not doing so results in you having to watch Meatspin and masturbate to it. You can't stop watching until you finish. You can't have any other videos/music/anything on during. Just the DOA song. If you don't do so you are banned.
* You must punt or kick a field goal on 4th downs, unless:
It's 4th and 1
You're down by 10 or more
You are trailing in the 4th quarter
There is less than a minute in the half, and you want to attempt a half-ending JJ. (Note, there was confusion about this earlier. You CANNOT use this rule to go for it on 4th down to throw short and continue the drive. The play MUST be a TD attempt)
If you accidentally go for it and one of these criteria is not met, you must give up the ball.
*If you play as Tampa Bay, Danny Peebles must return kicks.
* Winner takes a save state & a screenshot. I want to try to have all the games have screenshots this season. You can email me the screenshot and I can upload it to flickr.
* 4th man down is acceptable in all situations.

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