Ithaca @ Depaul

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Ithaca @ Depaul

Postby lordsummerisle » Thu May 08, 2008 11:53 pm

Ithaca 27, Depaul 21 (OT)

Ithaca moves to 4-1 with a win over Depaul in OT. Let me be the first to say that Ithaca got all the breaks late in this game which enabled them to come back for the victory.

Bombers' 1st drive is a nice and easy score behind a few Jamie Donovan runs and a Dan Ruggiero TD run off tackle. 7-0 Bombers.

Depaul comes right back down the field and on a 4th down play catches the Bomber defense asleep for a TD. 7-7.

Depaul forces a 3 and out and drive the field easily for 7. 14-7 Depaul. The half would soon ensue.

Following the half, the Bombers came up with the big stop they needed courtesy of fine 4th down coverage by LB John Scanlon. A couple plays later and the Bombers would find themselves in the endzone to tie the game up at 14.

Right after this, Ithaca would force a turnover when Chris Kachmar came up with a big INT, but Brian Grastorf would return the favor right away by throwing an INT of his own. 31 PC is no fun, but it's either that or the bad condition Deshawn Ruth (38/38). At least Grastorf has some pass speed. More on that later.

At any rate, the Blue Demons would go the length of the field and score a TD with just under 2:00 to play in the game. 21-14.

The Bombers' hopes are riding on the arm of Grastorf. Can he drive the length of the field in just 1:30 to preserve the Bombers' solid season thusfar? Under heavy pressure, Grastorf aired one out to Justin Kulp, backup RB in Good condition who somehow made the grab in triple coverage, immediately fumbling the ball out of bounds. Two major bullets dodged on the same play and about 60 yards gained on the play. There are only :35 seconds to play in the game, the Bombers are around the Depaul 20 yard line....and....Grastorf drops back to pass...he spots Kulp again, who has a few steps on the DB...and FIRES A STRIKE (69 PS) for the wide open TD! 21-21 and we're going to OT.

Depaul would receive in OT and would put together a nice drive to midfield, but Tommy Lipshitz shits himself upon getting clocked by a swarm of Bomber defenders and even more embarrassing for him, he drops the ball. Bombers would pick it up around the 50.

A few plays later, it's time for that man again. Backup QB Grastorf. This time he finds Dan Higgins streaking to paydirt and once again uses the high PS to wedge the ball into a rather tight space. Higgins makes the grab just out of the reach of a diving Demon defender to win the game and exact revenge against the team who eked out a victory in last season's Bowl game.

GG Disasta and welcome to the league, you played a great game and had some bad luck in there ... 8 times out of 10 you probably win this one, but I'll take it...

Bombers keep a hold on a Top 5 ranking and look forward to their Week 6 matchup with the UConn Huskies to begin conference play.

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