UCONN 28 Penn 21

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UCONN 28 Penn 21

Postby arncoem » Wed May 28, 2008 11:55 pm


Intense game between the Connecticut Huskies and Penn!
Last season a tie between these two teams was the only thing holding Uconn back from an 0-10 season so was circled on their calenders all year in anticipation of the rematch.

Was a back and forth game from the start. Penn quickly scored the first TD on a couple of runs by their stud RB w/ 63MS.

Uconn scored as well on their first drive by running and passing down the field.

Penn came back w/ another score after that, but then Huskies got stopped in their own territory going for it on 4th down.. Luckily enough their "No Name/No Talent D" stepped up and forced Penn to attempt a FG from the 25 that was missed so they got the ball right back around the same spot about 1 minute after turning it over.

The Huskies went the distance of the field only to come up short before haftime bc didn't kick an easy FG from the 15 and tried for the tie w/ a TD pass that was knocked down instead as time expired in the half. 14-7 Penn at halftime

Huskies ball to open the 2nd half and each posession resulted in a TD for both teams until 3 min left in the game.

Uconn after scoring made it 21-21 w/ 3.30 left in the game. They kicked off and then made great plays on defense to make it 4th down and 6 at about midfield for the Penn offense.. Penn opted to go for it w/ just about a minute left instead of punting the ball which would have almost defin. resulted in OT bc of the lack of time on the clock left after a punt. The Uconn "No Name/No Talent D" came up big here against the Man Beast RB for Penn and stopped him on a picked run play to force the turnover.

Now w/ the ball and the endzone 40+ yards away from victory the Away Uniform-all blue wearing Huskies got a couple of decent runs from JR RB sensation Rashon Spikes that brought the ball to the 20 yard line. That left QB Tyler Lorenzo w/ just enough time for 1 chance to hit the endzone for the win w/ 10 seconds left on the clock. Lorenzo called his favorite pass play and then let it fly to the top of the screen right at the endzone mark as he hit WR Larry Taylor for the game winning receptions w/ 0 on the clock for his 3rd TD pass of the game.
GG Average, was drama from the first play of the game to the last second!

Huskies are now 4-5 on the season w/ only division rival Holy Cross left in week 10 on their schedule.
Even though sub .500 at this point in the season and .500 could be the best possible outcome on the season w/ a win next week that will for sure be a battle w/ the purple and black Cruisaders, what an amazing comeback story after going 0-9-1 last season w/ virtually not a single defensive star on the team and only 1 senior on the field for the Huskies this year.

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