98 Broncos - 34, 85 Bears - 10

The champions face off for the ultimate battle.
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98 Broncos - 34, 85 Bears - 10

Postby BadMoonRison » Sun Jul 06, 2008 5:18 am

98 Denver Broncos - 34
85 Chicago Bears - 10

This game started with a Denver TD score on some short passes to FB Howard Griffith and a stand by the Broncos D to hold the Bears to a FG. 7-3 Broncos.

The Broncos would then score on their next drive to go up by the score of 14-3. On the kickoff, the Bears KR decides to run it out of the endzone... and he is off to the races! He makes it past the 50 yard line and is tackled... but he fumbles the ball! Broncos recover and score to go ahead 20-3 (missed XP). It was really the turning point in this game. Terrell Davis had already had 100 yards by that point, thanks to two long runs of 20+ yards (one was for 55). Nevertheless, the Bears get a quick INT at the end of the half, but can't get out of bounds, leaving the game at 20-3 at halftime.

The Broncos defense forces a 3 and out and they get the ball again... and score again. 27-3 Broncos commanding the game. The Bears score in the 4th quarter on a long bomb JJ to Gault on 4th down to cut the lead, but the Broncos answer right back, winning this one by the score of 34-10.

gg elway. Tough breaks early on really hurt your chances. Broncos are now 7-4 with one game to play.
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Re: 98 Broncos - 34, 85 Bears - 10

Postby elway41177 » Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:35 am

gg gl broncos for rest of season

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