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League Rules

Postby MRTECMOSUPERBOWL » Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:45 pm

When the game starts, do not skip through the coin toss. Also if you do not win the toss, do not push buttons to try and change the results. This is especially important in overtime. Deliberate violation of this rule will cause you to forfeit the game. Repeated violation will get you expelled from the league. Keep in mind that Sub RB3 is a WR. He can not run ball! RB that shows OS can only be a Kickoff Returner.

Player Positions
QBs can only play QB
RB's can play RB, WR, TE.
WR's can play RB, WR, TE, but they may never run the ball from the RB position.
TE's may play RB, WR, TE, but cannot run the ball from the RB position.
OL can only play OL alignments are set in stone.
DL can only play DL. alignments are set in stone.
LB's can only play LB alignments are set in stone
CB's and Safties are set in stone.

General League Rules
Blitzing is permitted from ILB's only. None from OLB,DL,CB or FS,SS position.

Using the 4th man down on FG's is permitted

You can use DL anytime but No Lurching

Burning clock IS NOT ALLOWED AT ALL! In Particular now on ANY Kick Return!!

If you kick an onsides kick (By choice or accident) and recover it you may KEEP the ball. You may not kick onsides more than twice in a row unless your down in game.

If the connection is lost or a game freezes mid-game, you must restart the game and play it in its entirety again. You also MUST use the same playbook and players as before.

there is 6 passing plays in the playbook, you may NOT use any play twice

6 playoff teams total. 3 from each conference with division winner getting the bye.
With any rule if there is a discovered 'problem' any rule can be altered or deleted.
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