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Oregon vs KSU

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 6:05 am
by lillefty021

Not much here from the Oregon offense.. actually to be honest it was really poor. Mendenhall rushed 6 times for -8 yards this game. It was obvious that Kcchiefs didn't want me to run the ball. Had to come up with my passing game.. Anyways lets get to the game..

KSU gets the toss and elect to Kick. So Jones is ready and recieves the Kickoff deep in the endzone... He makes a couple moves here, a couple moves there and takes it in for the quick 7 points. Then KSU gets the ball and i hold KSU to a 4th and 1, and i picked a pass and went in to get the QB to stop the run, and just let the pass go and he quickly scored. 7-7. Then nothing much happened until right before halftime. Oregon tries to get in FG with Costa, and as he runs down the sidelines, and of course, coughs up the ball and instead of heading out of bounds, it made a B- Line to a KSU defender, and that lead to halftime.

KSU gets the ball and oregons d steps up and holds em on a 4th down conversion. Oregon drives down the field and Costa finds Derrick Jones in the endzone for the second touchdown of the night for him. And then KSU gets the ball and drive down the field. I rush the QB and he throws a bad pass and it's picked off, and then as i try to make it out of bounds (because i knew something was going to happen) and then my DB coughs up the ball and his WR picks it up and takes it to the crib. Then on that kickoff Derrick Jones recieves it and made a few moves here, and a few moves there, and finds the endzone again, for his 2nd KO Return, his 3rd TD overall. The KSU offense tries to throw a couple bombs, but could not convert. Oregon comes up with a huge divisional win, and move on to 7-0.

Player of the Game: WR Derrick Jones.

3 Returns 215 yards, 2 TD's.
1 Rec, 15 yards, and one td.

GG Kcchiefs, GL rest of the way holmes.