Ohio 14 - Augsburg 21

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Ohio 14 - Augsburg 21

Postby edrex333 » Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:43 pm

This was a nailbiter throughout, and AJ owned the Auggies on the ground, out grappling me and my drones at will. The big play came on a picked run where the Bobcats cough up the ball, and one of my drones on crack picks it up and rumbles it 60 yards for the TD. The Auggies offense had an average day as AJ played great defense. This game could have easily gone the other way, and the Auggies were lucky to pull it out.

GG AJFullam

Auggies now 6-1 and #2 in the nation behind those f***ing Oregon Ducks.

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