Buckeyes Bobcats

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Buckeyes Bobcats

Postby AHake21 » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:53 pm

This one didnt look good fromt he get go for OSU. AJ get the ball first and on one of his first plays he fumbles on a run and it bounces right in the hand of his WR who runs for a pretty nice gain. One of the next plays was a pass that he tried to throw on Coleman but got the JJ and went on to score to go up 7-0.

Bucks get the ball lookin to answer and they drive down the field easily and on the two yard line Pryor fumbles and the Ohio defender who was out of bounds when he recovered go the ball for the Bobcats. I say he was out cause right when he recovered he was out but he wasnt moving to go out, he was moving to come back in bounds but oh well.

Bobcats drive to midfield and decide to go for a FG on fourth and bang it thru easily (Aaron Hake is prolly the best kicker in TCS ;-) )

I get the ball back with a lil time left and AJ decides to blitz Pryor and that left Maurice Wells wide open who brings in the pass and runs the rest of the way to get on the board. 10 -7 Halftime.

Second half the Bucks get the ball and here we go...Maurice Wells goes down :-( This must have brought the squad to gether because they would drive down and score to go up 14-10.

The last drive took up a lotta time so AJ gets it early in the fourth and here come clock control. To save time, he gets inside his 20. On first he gets decent yardage, 2nd down I bust thru to tackle him, on third he doesnt convert and it is 4th and 2. AJ had been running all over me so I thought he tride to get me pickin run and him pass. He did pass, but I didnt run. There was an open WR running in the endzone but Skrill was gunna run for the first so I decided to make him throw the pass. It is up, its off target, its picked off.

AJ played fuckin awesome and ran all over me but the defense held up in the 2nd half and led the Buckeyes ot their first win over Ohio (we lost last season)

GG AJ and GL this year man.

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