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Postby lordsummerisle » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:11 am

Bombers 27, Auggies 21 (OT)

A matchup of D3 teams here...

Auggies take the opening kickoff and methodically drive for 7.

All-American KR Morton Ibe takes the kickoff to the house to tie it at 7.

Again the Auggies drive and score, this time thanks for super-stud WR Menza.

Ithaca again gets a good return from Ibe before getting into the endzone on a Dan Ruggiero run. 14-14, half.

Ithaca gets it to start the half but on the first play throw an INT on an overtap. Luckily the Auggies would return the favor on 4th down soon after. Bombers would drive methodically and go up 21-14 on another Ruggiero run.

Auggies get it back and bust off a run 3 for a TD as Chris Kachmar ended up flat on his ass for Ithaca. 2:30 to play.

Ithaca drives into FG range and set up for the GW kick with :02 to play, but usually trusty Dan Gaglianese misses the kick wide right and we go to OT.

Auggies get the ball to begin OT, but Ithaca played solid defense forcing 4th and 10. Auggies go for it and Ithaca snuffs it out, forcing a turnover on downs deep in AUG territory. Next play, again Ruggiero takes the ball up the gut and punches it in for 6 and the Bombers escape with victory!

Ithaca now 5-2 and looking bowl-bound.

GG Ed and GL the rest of the way.

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