Bulls 21 Badgers 27 OVERTIME

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Bulls 21 Badgers 27 OVERTIME

Postby fro30 » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:38 am

I had a 14-7 halftime lead with Buffalo getting the ball.
I stopped them on downs on that drive. I had a choice to go for a field goal from around my 30 or go for it, I went for it and didnt convert. Mort drives down and scores 14-14.
Now its in the 4th quarter and I throw an interception around midfield. Mort goes down, converts a huge 4th and 13 around my 30 or 40? I think he then would score on a 3rd down and goal with 2 minutes left. I called 3 plays most of the game and it worked as mort was picking those plays alot. So that helped me have mort convert on some tough plays and long drives. Anyways 21-14 with 2 minutes left, looks like a Bulls victory. I get the ball around my 15. First play a huge pass play on broken coverage down to about Morts 30. 55 seconds left. A few plays later I get to the 2 yard line. First play pitch down low called. 2nd play qb sneak HUGHES just gets in with 10 seconds left. 21-21

In overtime Mort accidentally onsided it going for the max kick. About 5 plays later I move 50 yards and Jackson runs it in for the winner 27-21.

Another sick comeback in back to back TCS season games against mort.

gg mort, gl the rest of the way
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Re: Bulls 21 Badgers 27 OVERTIME

Postby mort1237 » Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:00 am

let this one get away. not going into coverage with my lb was a mistake. then the int on my first poessesion with a short field. Costly mistakes considering fro played a mostly flawless game.

gg fro and gl the rest of the way.
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