Crusaders 21 - Tommies 22

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Crusaders 21 - Tommies 22

Postby edrex333 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:26 am

Very close game here. Game had to be replayed after a connection outage in MN here due to bad weather probably. Tommies receive and punt to be fair and Holy Cross scores right away to go up 7-0. Tommies fire back with a couple nice runs to make it 7-7. The rest is sort of a blur (I guess I forgot to record the video the second time) but somewhere down the line it's 14-10 Crusaders. With a touchdown and a crazy safety (my lb musta been pumped and caught Brian offguard), Tommies are up 19-14. With a few minutes left, Tommies kick the easy FG to go up two scores 22-14. Crusaders score right away, but don't get the onside kick, and St. Thomas runs the clock out.

GG Chaos

Tommies now 2-1 and looking for some momentum.

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Re: Crusaders 21 - Tommies 22

Postby BadMoonRison » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:48 pm

It was 14-10 at the half and I got the ball after the half. I really messed this one up.

Yeah, I don't know why I ran back so far. That safety really caught me off guard. Ed was real cool about punting on his first possession after his connection timed out. I had an excellent goalline stand where I didn't allow any points.

On the punt, I had an 79 yard pass play to start. From that point forward, I had about the same amount of total yards on offense the rest of the game. Great defense by St. Thomas overall.

Not to complain, but all my RBs went into bad by the end of the game. I was sort of reluctant to run after I fumbled out of bounds on back to back plays. This game really stings.

gg ed. This is my first ever TCS loss to you. Must be the uniforms.

Crusaders fall to a disappointing 2-2. An overtime loss and a 1 point loss. At least we're 2-0 against non-purple teams.
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