Vikings v. Cowboys

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Vikings v. Cowboys

Postby jeid » Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:59 am

He gets the opening kickoff and scores after a long drive. I get the ball but sputter in the redzone and go for it on 4th and 11 but don't convert. He scores again and I can't score before the end of the half... 14-0 dallas.

I get the ball and score thanks to the legs of Craig Heyward. He gets the ball back and gets stuff and tries a long FG but it's blocked. I recover and convert a loltastic 3rd and 21 to Bill Brooks through Mark Carrier on a called play... I bet he was pissed. I get running again with Heyward and score a TD. Game goes to overtime after we swap picks.

He wins the toss but gets sacked twice in a row deep in his own end. He goes for it on 4th and 9 from his own 20 but doesn't convert. I run the ball with Heyward (who was in good, 100hp) and kill some clock to set up superclutch Jim Breech for the win.

GG daboy, tough loss

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