Bills 17 Broncos 14

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Bills 17 Broncos 14

Postby tadaos » Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:36 pm

A close game all the way to the end. Denver receives and scores on its first possession 7-0 Broncos. Bills receive with return specialist Haddix licking his chops but gets caught up in traffic at the 20. Bills drive to the Denver 30 and face a 4th and 6. Coach Tadaos says yes GO FOR IT from the sideline and proceeds to get my play picked. Turnover on downs. Buffalo D steps up and forces a 3 and out deep in Bronco territory. After some zigging and zagging by Haddix on the return he gets dive tackled by a drone and gets INJURED. well so much for the return game. Bills are able to drive again slowly moving the ball down the field. A nice 45 yard pass to Early under pressure kept this drive alive. After a couple of runs by Emmitt Brister is able to hit a diving Mark Jackson down low for the TD. 14-7 Bills. Broncos receive and try to get off the bomb before halftime. QB Browns pulls an Eli Manning vs the Pats in avoiding MAN controlled LB Pepper Johnson and hits a wide open Michael Irvin 45 yards down the field. He weaves and wobbles and can smell the paydirt before half it's so close...and yet so far. CPU controlled Woodson hunts him down before he gets there. WHEW 14-7 at recess. Bills receive in the 2nd half and the drive stalls around midfield. I go for it 4th and 7 and once again my play is picked. turnover on downs. Denver gets it and with some nice running by Mel Gray and QB Browns hitting guys all over the Broncos are able to tie it up early in the 4th with about 4 min to play. Bills recieve and ever so slowing move the ball. Smith picks up some yards, Brister hits a couple of passes and the Bills are at midfield with about 2:30 to go. After a first down to the Denver 40 and an incomplete pass, Brister drops back to pass 2nd and 10. Merriweather comes in on the rush and just as my 2 WR get open I get sacked before I could get the throw off. UGH. 3rd and 22 handoff to Emmitt, Merriweather gets popcorned and Smith shakes and bakes to pick up the 1st down with less than a minute remaining. After another nice run Bills have it at the Denver 25 with 22 ticks on the clock. I try the play action fake and both deep WR are uncovered. I unleash to the top WR and just as the ball gets there DB Strickland gets there and picks if off in the endzone with 10 seconds left. UNBELIEVABLE. Broncos get it back with a last chance but the play is picked and the next play QB Browns gets chased down for the sack to end regulation. OVERTIME. Bills win the toss and still steaming from the INT quickly drive down the field. Emmitt had about 50 rushing yards on this drive as Brister was banished from throwing the ball. Emmitt gets it down to the 2 yard line. I line for the FG and the arrow is all the way to the bottom when I hit the button (it's an extra point right? no way I can miss from here right? right!??!??) I look in horror as the animation screen comes with that birds eye view as the ball heads toward the right upright. YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! I said to myself until it banks in off the upright. someone pass me the tums please. i actually had 15 first downs this game i think that's a personal record. gg drza and gl the rest of the way.

Horse Trailer Player of the Game:

Emmitt Smith
19 Rush, 161 Yards, 1 TD
4 Rec, 38 Yards

Runner Up:

Mark Ingram
5 Rec, 113 Yards, 2 TD

Interesting facts about this game:

-no fumbles
-no dropped passes from Brister (someone mark this on a calendar)
-QB Browns held to 0 rushing yards
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