Colts vs. Broncos

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Colts vs. Broncos

Postby TecmoTurd » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:15 am

This was a back and forth game. If not for a few good stops by my defense and a few times he got hosed going for it on 4th down, it's a different game.

He scored on a long JJ bomb + short CC TD right before half to tie it up 14 all, and second half we traded long runs back and forth. He read a few of my shotgun 3 plays ending in some JJ's, which I've heard some minor griping about ;) but I wasn't abusing intentionally. It's the only place I had to go. Never did it on any non-read play...

I'd say we are very even in talent on the NES version. I never get over how much easier it is to run the ball on this game. Break into open field and you're gone. SNES has my heart, but this was still a fun game...colts get their first win.

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