Packers (T) 21 Panters (CPU) 23 Weather: Clear

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Packers (T) 21 Panters (CPU) 23 Weather: Clear

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Carolina starts off with a measly 8 yard return are pushed back even more with an Aaron Kampman sack. They can't convert with the 3 downs and punt it away.

Packers complete a 35 yard pass to Donald Driver, all looks well but Grant fumbled on his first carry of the game. Its recovered by John Beason and returned for at least 40 yards. Beason looked "The Hulk" out there throwing off two players and almost the third but was tackled.

In very good field position on the Packers 20, Delhomme attempts a TD pass to Muhsin Muhammad when Charles Woodson intercepts him on the 1 yard line.

Rodgers throws an incomplete pass then Grant decides to run. The run is called and Grant is tackled in his own end zone for a safety. 2-0 Panthers.

Looking to score this time Delhomme throws his 2nd INT of the game. The pass was to Jonathan Stewart and intercepted by Nick Collins.

This time the interception doesn't put the Packers at risk for a safety. Grant runs a good 6 yards on a carry and Rodgers throws a 51 yard strike to Greg Jennings. 7-2 Pack.

2nd Q

On the kickoff return Panthers returner Mark Jones is injured and replaced by Stewart. A drive good drive with more runs than passes ends when Delhomme connects with Steve Smith in the endzone while in coverage. 9-7 Panthers.

So far it looks like the Packers are going for an easy score when Driver catches a 49 yard pass. Rodgers is in pressure and throws it deep to about the 5 when hes intercepted by Ken Lucas. Donald Lee the tight end couldn't get to the ball.

Panthers do not want to get safetied and they don't. They can't convert again and attempt to put it away but its blocked. Nick Barnett recovers and scores. 14-9 Pack.


3rd Q

Packers very happy they get the ball back because if they score here it will put them in good position. Rodgers throws his 2nd INT of the game. Chris Harris intercepts Greg Jennings.

Carolina puts up another good drive ending with DeAngelo Williams running into the endzone. 16-14 Panthers.

Packers slowly driving and have a decision to make. Its 4th and 3 and they decide to run it with Grant. After the review its determined he didn't make it. Packers took a huge risk and it blew up.

Delhomme attempting to pass it to Williams, and its intercepted by Al Harris. Thats Delhomme's 3rd INT.

Packers score off the turnover with a 66 yard bomb to Driver then Grant runs it in. 21-16 Pack

4th Q

To start the 4th, Stewart returns the ball 35 yards and setups good field position. Another good combined drive by the Panthers offense leads to a score. Delhomme to Muhammad. 23-21 Panthers

The Packers know all they need to do is get into field goal range which shouldn't be hard for them. On the return Will Blackmon fumbles, its recovered by Carolina

This is it for the Packers if they don't stop Carolina from scoring a TD. The defense comes up big with a sack by Mike Montgomery. No TD for the Panthers but a FG attempt ensues. John Kasay misses the 45 yarder.

Rodgers has about 1:20 left plenty of time for big passes right? He connects again with Driver and throws one more time to him when Chris Gamble intercepts him. Wow

Offensive Player of the Game: Steve Smith caught a ball while amazingly covered not many receivers are capable of the coverage pass which makes it all the more special.

Defensive Player of the Game: Chris Gamble intercepted Donald Driver at the end to seal the victory. The INT was amazing because of how Rodgers and Driver managed 176 yards together. Gamble was being beaten most of the game and what perfect timing to step up his game.

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