Dolphins: 10 (M9M) - Steelers: 0 (CPU) ~Weather: Clear~

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Dolphins: 10 (M9M) - Steelers: 0 (CPU) ~Weather: Clear~

Postby Mid90sMatt » Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:47 am

Mid90sMatt did his research this game. The Steelers have a strong defense led by defensive back Troy Polamalu (75 interception rating) and with Roethlisberger throwing the most passing yards in week 1 (263), the Steelers had proven to be a team with multiple strengths.

As the game began, Dolphins DB Andre Goodman made his first of 3 interceptions but on a few called plays, the Dolphins could not score any points. A few driving plays and a 31 yard run by Willie Parker led the Steelers into a 50 yard field goal attempt after failing to convert on 3rd down. It was a miss.

After the first quarter, M9M decided to take out kick/punt returner Greg Camarillo (who had yet to make a return this game) and put in back up running back, Patrick Cobbs who would finish the game with 1 return for 15 yards.

The Dolphins drove into the 2nd quarter making it up the field with a catch by Fasano but their runs were getting stuffed. Then, disaster struck the Dolphins as quarterback Chad Pennington was sacked on the flea-flicker play and injured for the rest of the game. Back up quarterback Chad Henne took over but the Dolphins were immediatley stopped and punted the ball to finish the first half. The score, 0 - 0.

Going into the 2nd half, the Dolphins were once again stuffed by the Steelers but Goodman made his 2nd interception and gave the Dolphins another chance to score. On the only scoring drive of the game, Henne was able to connect with Ted Ginn Jr. on a JJ 54 yard pass then again with a 26 yard pass which led to Ginn Jr. getting tackled at the 1 yard line. Henne gave the ball to Brown who lept over the defensive line for the first and only touchdown of the game.

Now it was up to the Dolphins defense who up to this point, had allowed 0 pass completions. Once again, the Steelers punted the ball and the Dolphins punted it back. With the Steelers on the 2nd yard line, the Dolphins were looking for a safety to put them away but Parker ran for 32 yards. With less than a minute left, the Steelers still had 68 yards to go and as Roethlisberger stepped back for the pass, he threw his third interception right into the hands of Goodman.

The Dolphins went for the FG and watched time expire as the ball went between the posts. The final score, 10 - 0.

Offensive Player of the Game: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR) - without his receptions, the Dolphins may have not been able to score. Top RB Ronnie Brown had made 10 rushing attempts but made 0 yards overall.

Defensive Player of the Game: Andre Goodman (DB) - his 3 interceptions (and a total of 21 int yards) helped the Dolphins hold the Steelers to just 1 completed pass. Checking his condition after the game, Goodman was only average with a 63 interception rating.
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