Eagles: 14 (known) at Dolphins: 3 (M9M) ~Weather: Clear~

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Eagles: 14 (known) at Dolphins: 3 (M9M) ~Weather: Clear~

Postby known » Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:13 am

I called his plays a lot...

but it also didnt help that m9m's rbs were in "bad" condition =/

it was pretty tough for him. in the end i took two touch downs.

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Re: Eagles: 14 (known) at Dolphins: 3 (M9M) ~Weather: Clear~

Postby Mid90sMatt » Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:22 am

The Dolphins offense was no where to be seen with Pennington going 6 att 1 comp. The Eagles DB were always covering the backfield. What made it worse was that the Dolphins had 4 fumbles, 3 of which were made by RB Ronnie Brown (1 FL, 2 FR).

In the end, it was the Eagles defense (5 sacks) which really held the Dolphins back. With the Dolphins RB not able to hold onto the ball, all the Eagles had to do was stop Pennington with the help of Asante Samuel (in good: 81 int, 81 quickness).

Note: The Dolphins went for a last "up-the-middle" play before the end of the half and wasted too much time to get the FG off. Until the final seconds of the game, the score was 3 - 7 but with no other option, the Dolphins went for it on 4th down, allowing the Eagles to score another touchdown.
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