Colts 28, Packers 23

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Colts 28, Packers 23

Postby uwwjman5 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:44 am

In the last league game of 2 great real-life friends, the Colts once again came out on top, this time by a score of 28-23. The Colts were in control for much of the game, at one point leading 21-3, despite being "Player 2 in the rain". Then Marion Barber's condition worsened to "bad". After he lost a fumble, I replaced him with some dude that no one ever heard of. That's when the Packers made a valiant 4th qtr run, scoring a late TD on a long pass, then recovering a fumble on a kickoff and scoring another late TD to make it interesting. This game wasn't really as close as the final score would indicate. All in all, good game Turd. I know both of us are pretty rusty, so it came down to who got more breaks, and clearly, it was me.

Now I'm down to tracking down TDO and Nos to finish out my season. Christ...I'd have better luck finding survivors from the recent Air France plane crash. Too soon? Sorry.
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