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LPI - Picks and Info

Postby Mid90sMatt » Fri May 08, 2009 6:16 am

So we will be starting LPI some time after JCL post season. Because of time and the amount of effort I am willing to offer, there will only be 4 people allowed to join (presumably: Will, T, Dan and me). With that, I wanted to let everyone know that a new LPI forum will be added to the top of the main forum (with season 1 archive and what not) so look out for that.

If you're like me, you can't wait for it to start and you have already downloaded the latest LPI roster from the stickied post. For those of you who don't want to go through all the rules and bullshit, here is a quick breakdown of what will be important for your choice in players:

Stats: Obviously, how good are their stats? In the roster, I have listed players by their "green", then "blue" then "red" stats. These are the order of importance I have assigned them (my opinion).

Age: Players range from 21 - 40. At age 25, they have a chance of going into their "prime" and one stat goes to its max. At age 30, their stats have a chance of going down each season and at 35, their stats cannot go up. At 40, their chance to retire goes up each season.

Seasons pr0: At 0 seasons, players have a chance for stat boosts. At each 4th season (4, 8, 12, 16) players will get a stat boost.

INJ: Players who are injured have a larger chance to retire and suffer from permanent stat loss.

Suspensions: Players who are suspended have twice as much chance of being suspended again, each time. They cannot play while suspended.

Retire %: Based on all these facts, a player is given a "retire %". At the end of each season, a die is rolled and if their % is hit, they auto-retire.

ONE LAST NOTE: As this is season 1, no stats will change according to age, inj, suspensions or retire % at the beginning of the season. The stats you see for each player is WHAT YOU GET. Except for rookies, who may get stat boosts during the season.

ALSO we are currently working on a "training" function which will allow you to train players stats.
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