Contract Years - upload contract years in other post

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Contract Years - upload contract years in other post

Postby Mid90sMatt » Mon May 25, 2009 8:31 pm

For every player you must decide whether their contract is 1 - 3 years (seasons). While deciding how long to contract them consider these important rules:

You are given 120k cap to pay players and other costs each season. You are not allowed to go beyond this cap at any time.

If a player retires, their contract ends no matter how many years are left.

You get 1 free cut a season (end one contract no matter how many years).

You may cut additional players for half of the $$$ you pay them (this amount must be paid each season until their contract is up).

A player may choose to "hold out" for more money in which case you may either meet their demand or cut them for free.

At the end of the contract, a player becomes a "restricted free agent" which means other teams can bid on their contract. You may either match this bid, or release the player. If no one bids on them, you may renew their contract for the same price as their previous season. If no one bids on them and you do not renew their contract, they become a free-agent.

Please list all your players in a vertical list with their contact years next to their name ex.

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Re: Contract Years - Post Here

Postby JoeSteveBob » Thu May 28, 2009 9:48 pm

Since all my players are pretty young, it will be easier if I just list the players I am signing for 1 or 2 years. If they are not listed then put them down as 3 years.

QB Captain Falcon 2 Years
WR Frank N.Stein 2 Years
OL Samuel L.Jackson 2 Years
K Randle Graves 2 Years
DB Pokemon Misty 2 Years

lol That is it. I am probably taking a few risks but not limiting some other players but my team is pretty young.

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