Free Agency (OLD)

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Free Agency (OLD)

Postby Mid90sMatt » Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:16 am

All players that are not currently signed will be featured in the Free Agency. The minimum stats for free agency are:

QB: PC - 31 (or 44 PS)
RB: MS - 38 (or 63 HP)
WR: REC - 31
TE: REC - 31 (or 56 HP)
OL: HP - 44

RET: MS - 38
Kick: Kick accuracy (KP) - 44
Punt: AB - 44

DL: 44 HP
LB: 44 HP or 38 PI (int)
DB: 44 INT

- Players that do not meet these requirements are directly below the FA players. These players are in amateur or Canadian leagues and can be picked up for $250 minimum.

- Your team must have no more than 40 players and you may not go over your salary cap before your next game. You may pick up an FA at any time but you must cut player/players to make room in roster and salary.

- You get 1 free cut every season. For every cut after that you will be paying that player HALF their salary for as many seasons as are left in their contract (even after they are removed from your team).

Minimum Salary:

Amateur/Canadian player - $250

Free Agents - $500

Drafted player - 1k


To pick up an FA, simply post the player you want to pick up and who you are cutting. All LPI coaches will be alerted and will have 36 hours to out-bid you on that player.

If the player is still in limbo by the time of your next game and you have an empty slot from injury/suspension, you will be assigned the next best player until the contract for your pick is bought out by you or another coach. If you lose the bid on your player, you will have to bid once again to try to fill the slot by your next game.
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