Dolphins big underdogs going into Big Name Battle

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Dolphins big underdogs going into Big Name Battle

Postby oracleoftecmo » Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:08 pm

Dolphins (oracleoftecmo) vs. Cowboys (tecmomig) a classic for years, and now this match to add to the archives of memerable finishes.

Moon, "we will win, they played the computer last week, what form could they possibly have"

Thomas, "I'm going to break moon in half, rip off him arm and beat him with it!"

Dolphins start the game by kicking it off. Derrick Thomas was a machine all game long. Stopping the cowboys on a 4th down. Dophins capitalize on BJ "i hand those out" Tollivers amazing strick down field. 7-0 fins. " I didn't know I could through the ball because I suck," stated the useless QB for the dolphins, "but i got a completion AND it ended up in the endzone"

The cowboys on the insueing possession turn the ball over on a fumble leaving the dolphins with great field position. 14-0 after Tolliver runs it in. "I saw the play call, I didn't know why they picked a pass on the 4 yard line because there is a 90% chance I would throw a I ran it in," claims Tolliver

The cowboys facing another 4th and long pick the running play that would eventually give Allan the majority of his 150+ yards. He scampers for a huge gain making it 14-7. "I ran for my dear life" says Allan," I didn't want Thomas to rip anything off me"

The dolphins would then march down the field to come up short on the cowboys 7 yard line. They kicked a field goal and it was blocked. A decision that would eventually be considered the turning point.

Cowboys march and instead of kicking a field goal they went for it AGAIN. Thomas gets 1 of his 6 sacks. Dolphins ball with 40 seconds in the half. 2 running plays gets the dolphins to the cowboys 40 and a late half field goal makes it 17-7 going into the break.

Second half was the Allan vs Thomas show. Allan stuffing the ball down the throat of the Miami defense but Thomas making key tackles and sacks giving Miami the advantage going into the 4th

Mid way through the 4th Miami kicks a field goal making it 20-14. Now is the Cowboys chance to come back. BUT Thomas decided that Moon wasn't even going to get lose let alone complete a pass. On the legs of Allan they march. Coming in close they are faced with a 4th and short. No time to run the ball, they decide to throw....Thomas ends the game with his 6th sack.

Game Over.

I guess the match against the computer did something magical hey claud. I WIN. Send the message to chunger, john and your brother....IM BACK. I know how to use my team now. I will not stop until I win this championship.

Game Breaker. Allan was a monster but only because Moon could not get lose from Thomas.

Great game to play

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Re: Dolphins big underdogs going into Big Name Battle

Postby tecmomig » Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:03 am

Oracle great game, nice to see you take notes as we play the game for the recap. Hopefully we'll have a rematch somewhere down the road.

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