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Postby lightninglarry » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:20 am

The Lone Star Shootout

Back and forth, gats opens the game up and stops me on D. Then Kareem slam dunks it down the field without me playing defense it appeared, Dallas up 7-0.

Houston is faced with a 4th and 9 from about their 40, down 7 i opt to go for it. I get 9 1/2 and get the first. End up tieing it at 7. We got into the showers knotted at 10 or 7 whichever.

Dallas puts Boomaaaaaaaaa in and throws a 100 yard CC to Jake Reed, TD Dallas up 7. Houston gets a nice return and is inside Dallas 5. TD Punches it in.

Fast forward the 4th. Dallas is up 21-17. I got 4 minutes to drive, first play, TD Breaks his hip. So good ole Raymont Harris comes in, and hes ineffective. So i got 4 plays to choose from pass, pass,pass, pass. Hoss Sauces converts a huge 3rd down pass to Fast Willie Jackson to go up 24-21 with under 2 to play.

Dallas receives and has about 1:30 to go to win or get a fg.
Kareem breaks like 3 tackles and i get chopped not once but twice :) lucky a drone tackles him at my 30ish and he coughs it up. Houston runs out the clock. I might have stopped gats from scoring a td here, but he was in fg range and could have def tied it. Didnt like my chances in OT without a ground game.

I will take it even though tecmo gave it to me.

GG gats gl rest of the way
Houston wins 24-21
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Re: Dallas/Houston

Postby joeygats » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:25 am

vgg here. and it was a clean game. gl rest of the way canes 8-)
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