Game of the Week: Giants vs Dolphins (a rivarly has born)

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Game of the Week: Giants vs Dolphins (a rivarly has born)

Postby eifersucht80 » Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:49 pm

In a preview of what could be the Conference Championship this season(Both teams have played each other the last 2 seasons in Playoffs 1-1 record), today the Big Blue took the lead for the 1st seed race in a very dramatic fashion, where the game well could be called the "miracle of meadowlands".
4th quarter, 14-7 score, Miami with the lead, Giants with the ball on dolphins territory(15 yard line), 4th down, picked play! what else could go wrong for giants? well Jhonson throws a quick stride in the endzone and WR Derrick Alexander makes the diving catch!!!!
14-14 score, Giants with the kickoff and Dolphins return it to the 30 Giants 30 yard line with 1:30 to play.
Few play later with less of one min in the game, Dolphins are now in the Giants 2 yard line, then with a sweep run play (run 1) Dolphins RB Ricky Watters is completly alone for the game winning td run, but wait a minute!!!! he start dancing a td without reach the endzone, he is consuming some secs more, but.............. Giants dfenders gets to him, tackle him but he FUMBLES!!! Watters fumble the ball!!!!! and Giants recover it to save themselves of a "you cannot win" situation, what a play, every body get crazy in meadowlands and everybody in Dolphins side is yelling at Watters, coach Opus just cant believe this.
Overtime, Giants wins the kickoff, and Again Dolphins are playing as all the game very good dfense, 3rd down, Jhonson goes this time with Jerry "el arroz" rice who is covered but he makes the CC!!! first down Giants.
Few plays later Rodney Hampton takes adventage of his excellent condition leading Giants offense to the 1 yard line.
Chris Boniol goes for the game winning FieldGoal, but he still nervious after the missied a short FG early in the game,
This cant be missed but Oh no!! ball is going wide in this 18 yard FG attempt, but fortunatly this bounds inside and game over, Giants win and Dolphins are now longer unbeat.
Final score Giants 17 Dolphins 14.
What a heck of a game, Giants are now 7-1.
well played Opus.........................

"................, we just still cant believe this, when he(Watters) was running alone for the winning td, we were like "well, we lost and we deserve it" but when we see him not to get IN, i just could see our Dfenders get mad and tackle him with all the power they had, after this, we knew we had great chances to win this one.
I must admit we got pretty lucky with those CC catches, but its part of the game and when we build this team we knew we could get some of these during the season.
I know Opus must be upset about those tight plays we had, but i know he is even more upset about Watters decition to not to win the game for Miami.
For some reason, i think this will be the start of a very thight rivarly in CTL."

- Coach Eifer after the game.

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