SF vs Cin

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SF vs Cin

Postby AHake21 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:37 am

The was a close game throughout. I stopped Grip twice I think on his first two drives and got a 10-0 lead before he scored. We went into halftime 17-7 Cincy with the Bengals gettin the ball.

I get it and proceed to throw a pick and he scores to make it 17-14. I get the ball and go down to score on a picked play 2 JJ. He gets a 4th down and I forgot how fast Henderson was and got burnt for a TD. 24-21.

I drive down and get a 4th down around my 30 with 2:30 left. Knowing a FG is meaningless I go for it. He picks a run and I have everyone open. I try an arrow trick to my TE but I mess up and throw to WR 2 and get it tipped. Brady has a lot of time to get down the field for the tie or win.

I force a 4th down with about a minute around midfield. I pick his play and get sack and get the ball on downs.

Meaty game Grip and ML the rest of the way.


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