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Postby urLocalTecmoGuy » Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:55 pm

quite possibly the game of the season so far

Ind wins coin toss and elects to kick. Quick 3 and out for the rams as colts drones start the game off strong
Ind begins its offensive drive moving the ball downfield slowly but surely until rams start to pick up the pace and stop the colts dead in their tracks with 2 picked plays to force a turnover. Rams easily push it down to their own 10 with great short passing. WHen it seemed ineveitable of a first score, the colts d step it up thanks to a called play and 2 arrant throws by chad pennington forcing the rams to kick a field goal.


Colts recieve k/o with under 1:40 left and get lucky with a monster return down to the rams 20 yd line with 27 secs left. rb johnson tries to run it in but get stopped at the 15 with ten secs left. Instead of being greedy, colts go for a fg and connect.

tied at half 3-3

2nd half
colts recieve kickoff hoping for the same monster run but falll short with only a 15 yard run. Colts rb Julius Jones takes over and on all run plays called by the colts, runs his way down to the rams 20. Rams d would turn up the heat and put the colts at a critical 4th and 3 at the rams 17yrd line. Colts decide to go for it and put in the hands of the man who has kept this drive alive, mr. Jones. First Down! 2 plays later, he finds himself in the endzone, putting the colts in the lead. Colts had the ball the entire 3rd quarter.


rams are now determined to tie it up. they check their players and put in 44ms rb ahmed hall to try to move the ball down the field. !st play, chad gets sacked as colts blitz from all angles. 2nd play, rb hall comes in but quickly goes out as he get injured on run 3. Rams are now forced to put in 25ms back adrian peterson. 3rd down, pennington gets sacked again as colts blitz again. Rams, needing to get the first decide to go for it calling shotgun. Chad drops back and chucks it to his streaking wr2 but severly overthrows him. lucky for the colts and he was burning his db.
Colts get the ball back on the rams 8 yard line looking to put the game away. 1st play, qb farve almost throws a stupid pick to a wr that would have been open had his ps been higher. 2nd play rb jones runs it to rams 3 yard line running oob for some stupid reason. 3rd down, pitch up to jones who gets stopped at the 1 yard line by a rams super drone. 4th and 1, colts figure why not? but low and behold farve shows that pa does matter and throws a pick. wow. Touchback!
With new life in the rams and with over 2 mins left, the rams are looking to turn it up. after a 1st down overthrow. then the damn vid desyncs...WTF

well this is what happens. Rams drive it down to colts 10 yard line but thrown a pick with 50 secs. left. all the colts have to do is not turn it over. well guess what? 1st play, farve fumbles on called pass play. rams, juiced, run it in. ofcourse!

colts get k/o but get stopped.


ot rams get coin toss. i dont remember how many plays later but chad throws another pick to my 38int db. colts end up scoring some how after that

this game was crazy. i wish the vid didnt desync casuse it would for sure been game of the week for sure.

gg DN
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Re: IND vs STL

Postby bgboud2 » Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:01 pm

excellent recap...please post vid anyway


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