Week 7 Deadline

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Week 7 Deadline

Postby TecmoAhmad » Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:44 pm

Hello all TecmoAhmad here, and last weeks picks takes me to 18-12 on the season. Week 7 has the game of the year thus far with the undefeated Phins travelling to Dallas to take on the undefeated Cowboys. Here's my take...

BEARS @ CHARGERS - I faxed in my picks before this game was played due to me being in New Orleans to watch the Saints go undefeated. Go figure I called for Butts to get stuffed, Bailey to get injured and for the Bolts to win on a last second field goal, I'm too good! Bolts by three.

EAGLES @ 49ERS - Vo has major problems this year, Internet service being removed from the household has hurt this Tecmo giant. My early pick for the TFL Championship has disappointed, the Eagles have lost their wings. Poso and the red and gold had a tough loss last week against the phins, but look for them to rebound and 'Barry' the Eagles. Home team by 3.

LIONS @ BROWNS - the Browns need their 12th man to come through for them as they have been struggling. The Dawg Pound will have to try and get a rise out of Td and the Browns or they could easily drop this game at home. The Lions are hot and cold and the Detroit fans want Ro out as they continue to fail with such a talented roster. Look for some figure skating as this game will be useless to watch. Ummmm... Heads for home, tails for away.... Tails it is, good game Ro!

GIANTS @ PATRIOTS - I thought this would be a game of winless teams but Savi was able to beat the Browns last week. Both of these guys are playing some great tecmo but haven't had any results. I'll take the Giants as they look to have the momentum after the big win last week, but it will be very close. Giants by 3.

DOLPHINS @ COWBOYS - what a game this will be! If you look at the stats Mig should blow Oracle out of the stadium, as he has dominated in every game this year. But these Phins can play, I like how they've barely won some of their games it builds character, the Cowboys look more like. a bunch of movie stars walking around with no worries about anything. Look for Oracle to piss off Mig and his boys, will it be enough though? I think Oracle can make it close, how close... maybe 7, Mig has shown he is the better of the two and he'll be at home. How bout the Cowboys!

Week 7 deadline is Sunday December 6, 2009.

I'm TecmoAhmad, this is the TFL and I'm out!

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