Bears and Browns in Classic Slugfest

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Bears and Browns in Classic Slugfest

Postby TecmoRafenator » Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:04 am

Game started off with INT by the Bears defense and Chicago quickly capitalizes and scores TD to make it 7-0. Browns gamble on 4th down and the Bears D holds up and the Bears take over on downs. Another drive and Chicago scores again 14-0. Halftime score = 14-0. 3rd quarter starts off by the Bears going 3 and out, the Browns make them pay and score making it 14-7. The Bears and Browns then go back and fourth with both teams trading picks. Chicago makes one more TD to make it 21-7. Browns didn't have enough time to make a comeback and the final whistle blew.

Coach TD made a comment at the end of the game saying Anus and anyone else on his team was on the block.

Good game TD

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