Week 10 - Giants vs. Bears

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Week 10 - Giants vs. Bears

Postby TecmoTurd » Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:58 am

In a matchup that is normally as close as ever, this was not. Partially due to some bad luck, and partially due to the fact that I was firing on all cylinders for most of the game on defense.

Game starts off with TDO fumbling on the first play from scrimage, with an ensuing TD by the 'Renz one play later. I believe his next drive resulted in an INT near the end-zone, and we ended up pounding the rock on our way to a FG that would have been a TD had TDO not played such good D near the end of the drive.

He scores a TD on a nice drive, and then I score again before half. More of the same second half...Swilling's stats on teh box score don't represent how much of a beast he was for me this game. TDO and I are a good match for each other, but the scales tipped my way in this one.

GG brother TDO...

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