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Postby tecmodell42 » Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:53 pm

A game w/some real issues. Not a good way to kick off the NTL season. Lag was an awful problem at the get go. We got out of that one. I changed a few settings within my router, and restarted on the server. Game was fairly smooth, as HOU had the advantage the whole way. Game ended on us in the 4th, with HOU up by 11 I believe.

I had recently reformatted windows, so I had to redo alot of different settings, files, etc. Made sure everything was correct in Nestopia sometime last night, played a few games, and it was all good. I then ran a big windows update, and went to bed. Today however, different story. Nestopia for whatever reason re-checkmarked uncompression, and unchecked read only. So the game ended on us mid 4th quarter. Zuir gets the win in game1. GG man. I'm real sorry about all the issues. I think I do have them all resolved though, so hit me up for some scrims. GL the rest of the way.
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Postby tadaos » Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:30 pm

there have been know issues with Ziur's connection (ie it can he horrendously laggy) so before you go on a wild goose chase with the settings play some other people first.
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