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Postby lightninglarry » Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:43 pm

Oilers hosted the division rival Seahawks. It was a pretty good game early on. Seattle has some pretty good D and forces the Oilers to go for it on 4th and 3 deep inside their own territory. Tennessee picks it up and dink and dunk down the field. Terrell Davis marches in for the score to go up 7. Seattle has a nice scramble with Plummer to pick up a first down, but on the next set of downs are forced to punt. McNair and company waste no time and go up 14-0 with very little time left before the half. Faced with a 4th and medium deep inside their own territory and trailing by 14, Seattle opts to leave the punter on the sidelines. 1st down is not picked up and the Oilers have about 15 seconds from the 20 to get inside the endzone. Realizing I dont have any time, i basically run out of bounds with McNair losing 7 yards and leave 2 ticks left on the first half clock. Jason Hanson comes in for the Oilers and puts them up 3 scores going into the half, 17-0. Still a ball game, and well within reach.

2nd half is when the wheels fell off. Davis goes into good condition and the Seahawk seconday goes into bad. Plummer went into good for Seattle and his backup Chandler went into excellent(i checked after the game, like 25 ms, 63ps, 69pc). Good thing Stout didnt check in game. A fumble, a pick, 2 hurt Seahawks, short fields and the game went from close to a blowout within 2 tecmo minutes, which in real life time is like 30 seconds. Deciding not to kick a fg or go for a insulting td late, the Oilers punt the ball at the Seahawk 3 not to put a half century on the scoreboard. It was a good game the first half stout, gl rest of the way buddy.

Oilers win 47-3.
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